Explore The World From Home: The Best Virtual Travel Experiences

09 Sep - 30 Sep 2020


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It’s been months since the pandemic put a halt to all leisure travel, and if you’re feeling stir-crazy, you’re not the only one. So, we’ve put together a list of virtual experiences to satisfy your wanderlust – or to entertain the kiddos on their school break – without leaving your home.

Step Back in Time with Art (ifacts)

Peek into Hans Christian Anderson’s Childhood Home

H.C. Anderson has given us beloved fairytales like The Little Mermaid. Step into his world again. Take a virtual tour of his birthplace, H.C. Anderson’s House, now converted into a museum containing real artifacts from his life.

Enjoy the Vast Collections of the British Museum 

Featuring a permanent collection of over 8 million works, the British Museum in London is among the largest in the world. Take a look at everything from some of the earliest objects created by humankind to modern European art. Let the hours slip by as you immerse yourself in their extensive online collection.

Wander the Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest surviving wonder of the Ancient World, this majestic pyramid is definitely one for the bucket list. Take a 360º virtual guided tour inside the pyramid and learn more about its construction and history. Perfect for curious kids!

Sit Back and Catch a Show

Watch an Exquisite Production by the Royal Danish Ballet

This top ballet company is behind some truly mesmerizing dance productions, a few of which are available online. Watch the tragic and romantic story of Giselle (2016), a peasant girl who falls for a nobleman’s deceitful flirtations.

Listen to a World-Class Orchestra

Classical music aficionado or not, the Berliner Philharmoniker has something for you. Enjoy their rendition of Beethoven’s classic Symphony No. 7 in A Major under the baton of chief superstar conductor Kirill Petrenko.

Catch a Puppet Theatre Performance

One of the best parts of travelling is getting to see some unique cultural traditions like tarer putul (literally ‘string doll’), the folk puppet theatre of East India. Catch Ghor Koli Aschhe, a play that’s perfect for teaching kiddos about morals through legends and myths.

Be Awed by These Captivating Natural Wonders

Explore the Alishan Forest Railway

This hundred year old railway is the perfect way to explore the Alishan mountain range in Chiayi, Taiwan. Ride through the scenic forests and marvel at the beauty of nature in this virtual experience.

Take in the Magnificent Hiji Waterfall

Tucked away in a peaceful, forested area in Japan’s Okinawa Island, the Hiji Waterfall stands at an impressive 26 metres tall. Take in the glorious view and the surrounding wildlife here.

Escape to Simos Beach

This beach getaway on Elafonisos Island is what we’re all wishing for right now. Take a peek into this sunny Greek paradise with glimmering turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.

Enter the Animal World

Tour the Churaumi Aquarium

The second largest aquarium in the world, this Okinawa treasure contains 77 tanks of diverse marine life. Get up close and personal with fish big and small, majestic sharks, and everything else the island’s aquatic life has to offer.

Marvel at the Glowworm Waitomo Caves

New Zealand’s glowworm caves contain hundreds and thousands of these ‘living stars’, making it one of the country’s most unique attractions. Sail through these age-old caves and experience these magical creatures yourself.

Cuddle Up to Chengdu’s Giant Pandas

Sichuan’s bustling capital is home to about a third of the 600-odd pandas in captivity worldwide. Capture some of the cutest moments of these cuddly creatures here.