13 Nov 2021


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Berge Bulk, one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipowners, believes that preserving the planet’s resources is fundamental to its sustainability and success.

Launched in 2015, its “Blue Matters” environmental sustainability strategy has become deeply embedded into the company’s culture.

Mr Michael Blanding, the company’s Head of Sustainability & Impact Investing, said that despite ongoing COVID-19 safe-distancing measures, Berge Bulk’s strong commitment to environmental conservation did not stop it from supporting meaningful causes. The company got creative and organised a socially distanced D.I.Y. Beach Clean-Up, collecting a total of 893 kg of plastic waste!

Read on to see Berge Bulk’s action day highlights and learn more about its sustainability efforts.

Can you give us an overview of Berge Bulk’s approach toward sustainability?

Believing that sustainability and growth go hand in hand, we launched “Blue Matters” in June 2015 out of a strong wish to do more than statutory compliance. It strengthens a “blue culture” of responsibility towards the environment and especially oceans, and reminds everyone to do their part in keeping them healthy and clean.

Specifically, regarding waste, we are committed to reducing our waste footprint, building a waste-conscious culture among our colleagues, and investing in organisations that are creating innovative, sustainable waste management solutions.

What are the targets of Berge Bulk’s waste reduction efforts?

Last year (2020) Berge Bulk announced a commitment to achieve 25% reduction in average plastic waste per ship by end of 2021 (vs. 2017 baseline). We are well on track to achieve this.

Can you share an example of a project that Berge Bulk has undertaken globally to achieve these targets?

In 2019, we launched a project to install enhanced water purification units on board our ships in an effort to reduce dependency on plastic bottles. Six purification units were installed on each vessel. By the end of 2020, the roll-out was complete. Some 390 water purification units had been installed fleetwide, and over 2,000 reusable stainless steel drinking bottles were distributed to our crew. Through this initiative we now save half a million plastic bottles per year!

What does being in the Green Champs Committee of By The Bay mean to Berge Bulk?

We have found the Green Champs Committee of By The Bay to be incredibly valuable to us on our own sustainability journey. Not only can we gather inspiration from hearing best practices from other companies in the building, but the Raffles Quay Asset Management (RQAM) team regularly makes us aware of building-wide sustainability initiatives that we can opt into. The committee makes sustainability simple and accessible.

Berge Bulk has always had a strong commitment to the community and the environment. This commitment goes beyond just giving financially. The company also believes in the power of giving their time and skills to support meaningful causes.

With COVID-19 safe-distancing measures still in place, Berge Bulk had to get creative with how it volunteers – thus embarking on a socially distanced D.I.Y. Beach Clean-Up!

Held over a period of 10 weeks from mid-July, 98 staff members participated in the D.I.Y Beach Clean-Up. They collectively picked up over 893 kg of plastic waste from Bedok Town, Sembawang Park and West Coast Park, as well as Changi and East Coast Beach.

To inject a bit of fun and healthy competition among volunteers, prizes were awarded for collecting the most waste, finding the most unusual item, and taking the most impressive before-and-after beach “transformation” photos.


The Green Champs committee was formed to support tenants at BTB in their efforts to advocate greater sustainability awareness, committed to the call for greener living and reduction of harmful carbon footprint.

Are you passionate about sustainability and are keen to do more? Join the Green Champs Committee as we strive towards driving sustainability. Register your interest: