THE BIG SIT at By The Bay – A Monthly Mindfulness Practice Event

16 Jul 2021


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Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, Oprah Winfrey, celebrity and Entrepreneur, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft – these are the people we’d expect to have the busiest schedules and longest to-do lists. But these high-powered executives share something else that’s less apparent. They take pauses and practice mindfulness.

You may ask, what exactly is mindfulness and why should I be mindful?

Well, we have a question in return. How often do you take some time off to not constantly be doing something?

In a recent survey published on Today, it was revealed that more Singaporeans are experiencing mental health woes even amidst improving physical wellness. The buzz and fast pace of our daily lives, societal pressure and fighting the pandemic has led to many seeking help in mental well-being.

In recognition of this growing trend and the importance of mental health, By The Bay (BTB) is hosting The Big Sit together with Mindful Moments. We invite you to take a pause for a mere 1-hour once a month and join us in practicing mindfulness. Anyone, with or without experience in mindfulness is welcome to join.

Led and guided by Erin Lee, an experienced mindfulness coach, the inaugural session will commence on Thursday 26 August 2021, 6 pm at One Raffles Quay, The Open Plaza*. Subsequent sessions will be held on the last Thursday of each month, at the same time and venue.

Register for The Big Sit here or visit their website to find out more. BTB community can sign up for your complimentary slot on BayPlay via the BTB app. There are limited slots so be sure to secure yours early!

*Event may be postponed or cancelled subject to prevailing COVID-19 measures.