Using Technology to Conserve Energy and Improve Productivity

23 Apr - 31 Dec 2021


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By The Bay Centralized Operations Centre – Using Technology to Conserve Energy and Improve Productivity

In this age of digital transformation and data analytics, RQAM has embarked on transforming our managed assets into smart buildings. To this end, we have recently launched the By The Bay Centralised Operations Centre (COC), a digital centre that consolidates the monitoring and control of separate systems into one centralized command centre. It employs cutting-edge technology to centralize remote monitoring and control of physically separate entities, digitize workflow processes, and provides an open platform capable of multiple system integration, big data analytics and machine learning.

As a large portfolio of 4.5 million square feet of prime Grade A office and 179,000 square feet of retail space, the By The Bay assets represent a tremendous footprint. By integrating all our building analytics, the COC allows us to continually improve the efficiency levels of our operations across all fronts, leveraging on economies of scale.

The key feature of the COC is the cloud-based platform that collects, processes and analyses real time data from multiple sources, and displays actionable building information in a real-time video wall dashboard.

Some of the data that the COC monitors are hourly reading of electricity and water consumption, air-conditioning output such as temperature and air quality and any malfunction of equipment status.

With the COC in place, more meaningful insights and trends can be determined through the analysis of real time data.

Most importantly, as an advocate for sustainability, the implementation of the COC ensures that our equipment and systems are operated at their optimum efficiency, which in turn not only optimises and reduces our energy consumption, operation efficiency has also improved by about 30% due to the reduction in manpower resources.

As technology continues to advance, RQAM will continue to evolve and explore the adoption of modern systems to further increase our performance while optimising energy consumption as we deliver on our sustainability efforts, as well as our vision of creating the workplace, community and experience of the future.