Women By The Bay

08 Mar - 30 Apr 2021


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Ms Vasanti, Concierge

Ms Vasanthi’s impeccable grooming and polished persona (befitting her former Mrs Singapore United Nations title) belies the fact that she is a down-to-earth,  unassuming and humorous lady, with a contagious energy that lights up the whole room all throughout our interview. We discussed what customer service meant to her and her experience working at By The Bay.

Q: What do you find most enjoyable in your work at By The Bay? 

A: I’d say that it’s the relationships that I’ve been fortunate enough to forge with the community of people here. We are often the first faces they see when they come to By The Bay and as such, I try my best to offer them a personalised service by remembering and greeting them by their names. Over time, we get to know each other well, and it’s especially gratifying and humbling when they reciprocate and greet me back by my name. Now, when I see them, it’s like welcoming a friend.

Q: What do you think helps you to deliver the best service to the patrons and the tenants that you meet every day?

A: I think the secret to delivering the best service is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Show them genuine care and concern as I believe the most precious gift you can give to someone is your attention. And so when they feel that from you, there is a connection and that makes it special.

Q: So you mentioned that you’re currently studying. 

A: Yes, that’s right! I’m currently studying design thinking, which I find really interesting as it has opened my eyes to the different perspectives and concepts surrounding people management. I genuinely believe that learning should be a continuous process and that one should always move forward, gaining knowledge wherever and whenever one can.

Ms Hidaya, Building Supervisor

Carrying herself with confidence, Ms Hidaya gives us a sense of strength and power that reminds us of Rosie the Riveter. As the only female building supervisor, she’s confident that “anything a man does, she can do as well”. She shares with us her work stories and her favourite place at By The Bay.

Q: You have been with By The Bay for 7 years now, how do you think your job has supported you in terms of your work and personal life?

A: It has always been a juggling game. But when it comes down to it, I prioritize my family above all else. My family understands that my kind of work is not easy and they are very supportive of it. The best part is that they love to hear stories of my experience at work. It warms my heart that when I do, my daughter tells me, “Mum’s a strong lady.” I love my daughter immensely and even though she’s my step-daughter, she is my motivation and she makes me realise that I’m not doing this for myself but for my family.

Q: Despite being the only ‘rose among the thorns’ as a Building Supervisor, were there any incidents that made you feel glad you chose this role?

A: Once a highly intoxicated lady locked herself in one of our toilet cubicles. Eventually, she managed to get out with our help as I could physically be there with her in the ladies room. As a fellow female, I was glad to be able to ensure that she got home safe and sound accompanied with a friend.

 Q: Do you have a favourite place By The Bay?

A: Definitely LeVel 33 at MBFC, Tower 1. From the alfresco area, you can just see a picturesque view of Singapore, especially during sunset. I think everyone should go and experience it for themselves.

Madam Hariati, Housekeeper

They say a mother’s love knows no bounds. We felt Madam Hariati’s motherly love when her eyes sparkled as she shared about her family One of the longer-serving staffs at By The Bay, we hear from her what keeps her motivated at work.

Q: How long have you been working at By The Bay?

A: Since 2012, that’s about 9 years now.

Q: Where is your favourite place here at By The Bay?

A: I enjoy being at The Promontory for its view.

Q: Could you share with us one fond memory while you were working at By the Bay?

 A: There’s no fond memory that I can think of, but if I were to answer, it would be the office workers who I have gotten to know while working here. Some of them, despite having left By The Bay and started work somewhere else, would still remember me and put in the effort to occasionally pop by for a visit. I’m thankful these relationships are still going strong.

Q: What motivates you to keep going?

 A: My family, especially my three children. Whenever I’m done for the day at work, I look forward to spending time with them.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

 A: My mother. Since I have to work, she helps to take care of my children when I’m at work. Because of how close she is to them, she usually gives me good parenting advice. I’m also the biggest fan of her food, especially her homemade chili crab. I managed to learn the recipe from her as my children and I would crave for it on days when we’re not at my mother’s place. So when that happens I would make it for the family at our place.

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