New Normal, Same Office. Or Is It?

20 Oct - 30 Nov 2020


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Image: diego_cervo

With the gradual easing of circuit breaker measures, many of us will be returning to the office. Surely that wouldn’t be a problem. But keep in mind that it’s been at least a few months since you’ve seen your office desk, and after finally settling into your home workspace, you may have to take some measures to adjust back to what you used to be familiar with. Here’s how you, as an individual, can plan ahead and continue thriving during these ever-changing times.

  • Stick to your usual schedule as closely as possible. We’ve mentioned schedules in recent articles as well, but consistency really is the key to making sure you’re staying on track and not getting overwhelmed. The best way to adapt to change is to integrate your regular routine as much as possible into your new regimen, then adjust accordingly.
  • Emulate your home setup if you can. Many of us may have discovered ways to stay comfortable and productive while working from the home office, so returning to the corporate office might be an issue if those features are lacking. For example, if you’ve gotten used to a certain pair of headphones or find yourself working more efficiently with a cushion or blanket, feel free to introduce them into your office workspace. Additionally, familiarizing your own work desk with plants, pictures, your favourite box of tea sachets and so on can help to brighten our mood and make you feel more at home in your own cube.
  • Add more convenience to your work routine with the By The Bay App’s Mobile Access function, an MBFC and ORQ tenant exclusive that lets you use your smartphone for secure building access and visitor registration. Curious to find out more? Check out our previous piece about the app’s wide array of benefits.

Image: SeventyfourImages

Of course, we don’t fly solo at our jobs all the time. Employers and managers are also responsible for maintaining a healthy morale among their team to ensure a vibrant and empowered working culture.

  • Prioritize employee well-being. Even a simple “How’s everyone been lately?” can go a long way in understanding how staff are coping with new changes. Inviting team members to provide feedback on current working arrangements also shows that you value their opinions, which paves the way for clearer communication, staff empowerment and better teamwork.
  • Encourage social interactions. Making room for opportunities for casual conversations among teammates every now and then can improve the team’s overall mood, according to Adecco. Catching up with each other after working apart for an extended period of time works wonders on dispersing feelings of social isolation that might have snowballed from all the home quarantine. Physical team lunches are finally a reality again but remember to restrict yourselves to 5 people per group if you’re eating out.

Since all three properties are certified with the SG Clean quality mark, returning office tenants can also be rest assured that they will be living, working and relaxing in a safe and hygienic business precinct. The comprehensive cleaning procedures being routinely carried out include:

  • High frequency cleaning of common areas, lift lobbies, lift cars and restrooms.
  • Health and safety measures such as temperature screenings at office building and mall entrances, restricted access for high-risk individuals, purging of air from office buildings, and tape markings in and outside stores to ensure safe distancing. Hand sanitizers will also be provided for general use throughout the properties.

With the help of your organization and by pacing your routine changes according to your comfort level, returning to the office will certainly be a smoother process.