Recycle Your Contact Lens Blisters

30 Sep 2021


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By The Bay and Project 2×2

Did you know that only four percent* of plastics in Singapore is recycled? The rest ends up in landfills and incineration. Let’s do better: In collaboration with Two of a Kind, collect your used contact lens blisters and send them to Project 2×2 for recycling.
Launched in October 2019, Project 2×2 (pronounced “two by two”) is Singapore’s first contact lens blister recycling program by Two of a Kind. Project 2×2 collects ANY and ALL contact lens plastic blisters for recycling, not just Two of a Kind’s.

Two of a Kind is Singapore’s first and only homegrown independent and direct-to-consumer contact lens brand. Just like you, they wanted to make sure that the plastic they collect, sort and process is done so responsibly. What you usually dispose of after single-use is processed back into feedstock material that finds its way back into new and repurposed applications and products. This contributes to a more circular, less wasteful and less pollutive plastics system.

How does it work?

1. Sign up here to receive an envelope (mailed to you F.O.C.!) or use an upcycled envelope to collect your used blisters over time.

2. Next, mail your recycling envelopes to 39B North Canal Road Singapore 059295. OR, drop them off at any Concierge counter at Marina Bay Financial Centre/One Raffles Quay/Marina Bay Link Mall.

3. The plastic blisters are sorted, processed into a pellet form, and re-used for new product applications such as clothing fibers, industrial fibers, food containers, etc.

Additionally, from October onwards, look forward to a brand new community space at B2-10 – Marina Bay Link Mall which will highlight issues on plastics pollution, with a thematic “Under The Sea” exhibition. Feel free to drop off loose blisters at this space – there is a collection box waiting for you! While you’re there, check out the upcycled decorations at the exhibition area, some of which makes use of blisters!

Why contribute to Project 2×2 instead of just recycling in the blue bin?

Every year Singaporeans throw away 1 million tonnes of plastic. Let’s be real: It’s really hard to separate small disposables from the 1,000,000 tons of plastic trash each year. That’s why our recycling rate is low. Plastics need to be sorted, cleaned and homogenous to be ready for recycling. The system also filters out any items smaller than 6cm to be sent directly for incineration. When you contribute to Project 2×2, you’re truly making a difference by helping solve issues at its source.

Source: National Environment Agency