The Future of Work – When Hot-desking Brings Practical Value to Your Business

06 Aug 2021

Bayspace: The Workspace of the Future

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Living with the Covid situation has without doubt accelerated what it means for the future of work. Just think of the last time you had to make a quick shuffle to prevent bumping into a colleague? Or the last time you could catch up with a colleague without an awkward exchange of muffled voices from behind your masks?

Amongst the many changes at the workplace, employers and employees alike are reimagining the role of office spaces as flexible work arrangements have ignited the need to cater to a wide range of diverse lifestyle needs. In particular, flexible workspaces has provided a useful solution – the option of hot-desking. The practice of co-sharing work desks is not a new concept, but as society establishes a “new norm”, the concept of hot-desking is revisited with renewed lenses.

We breakdown the future of work into three key aspects and explain how hot-desking fits into the equation when it comes to becoming a dynamic, flexible business in a new world order.


1. Flexibility

We’ve been hearing the need to stay agile, adaptable and responsive more than once in the past year. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses recognized the importance of adaptability in a fast-developing world. However, it took the global pandemic to prioritise the values of flexibility onto businesses as it became essential to react with timely innovation to stay afloat and resilient.

So how does hot-desking fall into the picture here? During its inception, the concept of hot-desking intended to serve as a cost-effective and quick solution for freelancers and small businesses such as startups to access high-quality workspaces. These mobile workers and teams with fluctuating headcounts could skip a hefty office fit-out process and focus their efforts on fast-evolving business plans. Fast forward today and its core value have become relevant to the entire business world.

Hot-desking can empower your business to achieve one of the most critical values in a 21st-century post-pandemic world – flexibility. By subscribing to a co-sharing workspace concept, your business (regardless of size) is able to cater for both temporary headcounts and existing functions that now require more mobility on-the-job.


Enhanced work experiences are what many modern-day talents desire

2. Enhanced Work Experiences

In recent years, more conversations and efforts have been channeled into employee well-being as companies increasingly appreciate that employees are one of their greatest assets. The anticipation of a millennial workforce that will come to make up majority of the workforce (75%) by 2025 further propels companies to revisit the work experiences they offer – in particular, to cater to a talent pool that demands more autonomy, flexible work arrangements and work-life balance. Combined with a developing problem of pandemic fatigue, no time has been better for a reformation of the work experiences you deliver your talents.

When it comes to reviewing work experiences, the office space is an inevitable core. This is where hot-desking takes a potential role in the betterment of work experiences you deliver for your talent. These co-shared workspaces not only serve greater mobility, but also comes with shared communal facilities like cafes, membership deals and different work settings that can aptly fit the experiences that your modern-day talents desire. With research suggesting strong sentiment that flexible workspaces can raise employee engagement and productivity, Hot-desking can be a multi-faceted solution to your businesses’ future talent strategy.


As businesses move to cloud base applications, hot-desking is now even more so desirable

3. Digitization

In this digital age, the realms of work have been undeniably interlinked with technology. Businesses have increasingly scrambled to safeguard themselves from disruptive players by digitizing business processes and implementing digital solutions. This pattern of digitization has eventually spilled into the work routines of new-age businesses, leading to the concept of virtual workspaces – workplaces that are digitally connected without a central physical location. A recent joint research by Wakefield and Citrix has revealed that 57% and 38% of professionals at companies with and without flexible work arrangements already use cloud-based applications. The pandemic has also catalyzed the digitization of product deliveries, creating an online ecosystem where business delivery and consumption takes place online.

This paradigm shift to online has made hot-desking even more desirable as they easily serve business functions that have turned mobile.

As asset managers of 26,000 strong By The Bay office community, RQAM provides flexible working and amenity spaces to deliver a diverse suite of workspace solutions including hot-desking through Bayspace, located at MBFC Tower 2 Level 8.

Located at MBFC Tower 2, Bayspace overlooks the iconic and scenic skyline along Marina Bay waterfront

As we embrace the future of work, chat with us today to explore how Bayspace can support your evolving business or personal needs.  An onsite or virtual tour can be arranged.

If you are pinning for a change of desk scenery, Bayspace is offering a complimentary two-week hot desk trial – this is exclusively for By The Bay community only. Find out more on BayRewards via the BTB app. Search for “By The Bay” on your app store and claim your trial today.

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